Some say that he has 5 catgirls, and that he drive a F1 car from Japan to China, please welcome the stig


They call hell a furnace because they use it to fuel their heaven. The people in heaven are happy at the expense of people who suffer in hell.


@Anonymous118406980 nice philosophy


God originally intended for animals to evolve and to be as smart as human beings, but these mutations from the future came back in time and created what we know as 'humanity'. They destroyed nature and re-created God's destiny because they wanted to be more happy than they actually were. Bored, listless, and despondent, they decided to create the ultimate 'heaven' for themselves at the expense of people they arbitrarily decided were inferior. They base their reasoning based on whoever makes a better slave, and have created human beings as a slave species because they no longer wanted to take care of any of their own duties. They had grown to such arrogance, such selfishness, they saw living beings as nothing more than pawns to either serve them or burn in hell.

Alien humans from the future is what many people worship as 'god'


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