Arabs are Semitic. Khazars aren't.


@Anonymous1444377161 What's funny is that most of those so called "Semitic" Israelis are from Europe.


About double, I'd say. Still, it's a general term for Jews now, get over it.


I'm calling the ADL and JDL and we'll sue you into poverty.......................lol just kidding, fuck jews too


Hoy sin cuerpo a tierra ni barras por favor Ñocon


The city of Grantville needs Jesus.


Both are freedom of speech man. They're also both bigoted. But that doesn't change the fact that it's free speech.


nobody hates Islam, we just want the beheadings to stop


@Anonymous416279394 Nobody hates the west, we just want faggot assholes like you to stop killing millions of our women and children *cough* Iraq and Afghanistan *cough* and make terrorist organizations YOU benefit from them and blame us for their attacks *cough* ISIS *cough*


@Anonymous680209584 Get. Off. The. Fucking. Internet.


@Anonymous680209584 *cough* fuck you sand nigger! *cough*


@Anonymous1829710147 I'm not even muslim but he is right, why do you insult him? For telling truth that CNN won't tell you? Kill yourself


Fuck islam!....Fuck jews!......Fuck christians!
Kill Yourselves!!!


This sound like a salty muslim comparing their pain to the holocaust after getting called an antisemite


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