This actually happened! Thank you! BTW, and aleppo is a safe place for Siberias in need... except no one will help them! If you vote Donald Trump for president, hundreds of Syrian lives will be lost. Vote hillary clinton for President!!!


Don't be too sad, after all Gary " Thinks like you do " Which to say, for most Americans, is not at all.


Sorry, i meant Syrian refugees in need.


...just a quick lesson on aleppo...its syrian...its a sand box of a cat turd strewn wasteland...why...because the people of aleppo just can't get along with anyone and so all hell broke loose and this tiny insignificant third world economy is in a state of jubilation now...because he world is playing the game of Who Can Kiss the Most Refuge Assholes at this juncture in time. it's just politics for the time being...but the syrians re making a mad dash for cash to any country who will coddle and pay for their sorry lost lives...and it will come to an end when the world wakes up and realizes that the third world wars should be fought by the third world people who started these wars. People of earth with a life and money and a future wake up...the third world is sucking your lifestyles dry!


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