I pull a .25 Beretta from under my coat. " Nigger " BLAM! Got sumthin' else to say 'bout my rights boy?


Schmalzlocke du bist verhaftet !


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@Anonymous-1075653947 Shut up no one cares


Ich bin bei der FPOe, du bist verhaftet !!!


@Anonymous-827361200 Shut up kraut, no one cares!


A-827361200 is a German who has not seen Pulp Fiction. He thinks Jackson is a cop making an arrest. And you are right - no one cares.


I love that this is the only one with comments. NIGGERS need to die


@Anonymous522059389 they don't need to die, they need to go back to the fields after all the illegal mexicans are sent back to mexico, yup back to the field to pick crops until they are dead from picking...see it's okay they die but it's about how much use you get outta them first. we gave bill cosby a chance and look at all the shit he's done with opportunity and equal rights.


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