Both points are true, but if it's a savage rejection, then...


It depends how harsh the rejection is, and what if the dude is genuinely creepy.


@Derp But that's criminalising people based on subjective opinion, don't you and those who share your [sufficiently-] 'creepy' = worst thing on earth viewpoint, GET IT? Tolerating that poor logic is tolerating fascist "no right to a fair trial" logic. Look around - people are being fired and banned and having themselves deleted from films and such based on NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. Women have a LOT to do with Fascism, they just lie about it like so much else. A real man doesn't tolerate that shit, he calls women out on it no matter what the cost - and takes one for the team if that means he loses some pussy or power in society as a result. The 'team' in this case, is the WHOLE HUMAN RACE. That's the gravity of the situation. Wake up, this is fascism against men. Wake up. Please. Female paranoia is now policy. Paranoia is mental illness. Do I need to join any more dots for you?


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