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The trendy "Buzz Lightyears meme" is a combination between a popular expression ("x, x everywhere", where the x is substituted with the relevant word) and the evocative image taken from the animation movie Toy Story. The protagonists of this meme are Buzz and Woody, two of the main characters of the movie. The astronaut Buzz Lightyear is trying to reassure the cowboy Woody by prospecting him a scenario; Woody however looks very much tense and almost scared by it!

Every time that a scary perspective is presented to you, your reaction might look very much like the one of the funny cowboy of Buzz and Woody meme. Do not worry too much though and let your concerns out creating a funny meme that you will share with your friends.

Buzz Lightyears Meme: Fun, Fun Everywhere!

It doesn't matter if you identify with the easy going and a bit braggart Buzz or with the more anxious Woody: creating this meme at will be fun and easy! Click on the button create a X, X Everywhere image and write the caption that you prefer. Stick to the model and use the expression "x, x everywhere", substituting the x with a relevant word. This will help you to obtain a perfect Buzz and Woody Meme. Once your creation is ready, you will be able to use it the way you prefer since our images are all royalty free.


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