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Sir Courage Wolf Esquire

Sir Courage Wolf Esquire

Sir Courage Wolf, Esquire is a subcategory of both Courage Wolf and Sir Courage Wolf. This is an example of a popular meme that has spawned numerous almost identical sub-memes.

The original Courage Wolf was the meme that started it all. Brave in the face of impossible odds, Courage Wolf gave toughness a new name. There is a bit of a misnomer to Courage Wolf, as a lot of the things that Courage Wolf did (or claimed to do) were virtually impossible feats, but then that was the point.

The term "Esquire", has often been used in normal parlance, associated with persons who are distinguished and genteel. This is the original British terminology. However, the term actually is an appellation referring to those who are in the business of law in the United States.

In the case of Courage Wolf, Esquire, it denotes Courage Wolf’s British cousin, who is of extremely high social ranking, perhaps even a bit of a snob. Courage Wolf, Esquire is veddy veddy British and expresses that in the different versions of the meme. He is in stark contrast to his less genteel cousin, who doesn’t place quite the same emphasis on manners that his relative does.

Often there is a great deal of competition between the United States and Great Britain, with the different sides mocking each other for their ways of life. There are certain stereotypes that are played upon and the concept of a stuck-up Brit is definitely one of them.

The meme itself shows a similar wolf to Courage Wolf, but the background is a British Union Jack flag, and the wolf is now sporting wire rimmed spectacles and a suit.

Notable examples of Sir Courage Wolf, Esquire include "A gentleman is simply a patient wolf," and "Debt problems? Should have stayed with us."


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