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Quiet Weapons Toting Man

Quiet Weapons Toting Man

With an unending lust for firearms and military gear of days long past, this man obviously comes off as creepy to many. Although he is the most harmless person ever, if you dare to get to know him. He enjoys solitude or being around few people. He may have lost sight of future goals in exchange for the quick and easy "enjoyment" of a new shooter.

He prefers weapons from the days of the USSR in Eastern Europe, or European weapons in general. Although in a firefight he obviously would be happy to have any gun, they are all guns in the end. There are many pictures of him in his favorite gas mask, half of them with a hood up and over his head. He likes a sort of 'post apocalyptic' look, or tasteful add in of military gear. As he calls it it is 'STALKER style'. The gas mask is his favorite because you cannot see his mood or if he is smiling at you. He may be a bit shy.

He is a good friend of the Irritated Vintage Automobile Enthusiest, and possibly even his arms dealer. Where as the automobile enthusiast in exchange provides him with the 'Kalashnikov of Cars' or the knowledge to acquire one.


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