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Pompous Cyber Cat

Pompous Cyber Cat

A variation of the Advice Dog and Hipster Kitty memes, Pompous Cyber Cat pokes fun at the arrogant, disinterested, and self important attitude that is rampant among industrial music fans and musicians.

The general format consists of a stereotypical quality or pompous cliche exhibited by industrial fans followed by a hypocritical statement or action. Common themes involve complaining about something wrong with the scene and then doing the same thing. For example: "Complain about conformity. Shop at hot topic." A second variant of the meme illustrates the vapidity, narcissism, and shallowness that has permeated the industrial scene in recent years. For example: "Spend three hours getting dressed. Spend one hour at show."

The meme consists of a rather unenthusiastic and irritated black cat sporting cyber-goth dread falls and goggles; long considered staples of industrial and cyber-goth fashion. The irony of this image is that in his/her effort to be non-conformist, the character conforms to the popular cliches of their genre. Having "seen everything" before and being "bored with the scene" as it exists today, the character does nothing to remedy the status-quo, and simply complains about the situation in an effort to sound important.


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