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Poker Face

Poker Face

Pokerface is likely a spinoff of Rageguy, though it is hard to trace specific origins. The original version of Pokerface shows a black and white line drawing, with the mouth depicted in a straight line which is the universal symbol for an unimpressed Pokerface. The original emoticon Pokerface replaced the parenthetical smile with a straight line: :|

Pokerface started as a four panel cartoon, with different versions of the meme using the three panels of the blank template to lead up to the grand punch line involving the Pokerface. However, most of his appearances in memes today are in a single panel format.

Pokerface maintains his cool no matter what situation is thrown at him. Despite being the object of humor and perhaps a little socially awkward, he keeps a level expression, and the different variations of the meme reflect that.

There are at least three different line drawings floating around that claim to constitute Pokerface, and of course liberties have been taken in some cases replacing the original line drawing with something similar.

Notable examples of Pokerface include the black and white stick figure with the text: "David, what is this all over the key board .. I dunno Mum", and "I’m against picketing – but I don’t know how to show it!"


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