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Inappropriate Nappa

There's always a person in your life who loves to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Crudeness is so normal that appropriate just seems as an insult. And always love to quote it as appropriate with 'I'm just sayin' or 'no offense' or some other dumbass saying. This is what meme makes fun of. Even to the point where its just weird. This meme is fun to use for that evil or rude voice in your head to say what you're wanting to say but you can't. So Inappropriate Nappa will.

Inappropriate Nappa is from Dragonall Z anime series. He is part of a race called saiyans. Also he is a crude neanderthal. So obviously his saying is "I'm just saiyan".

Nappa (ナッパ)- is an elite Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta, and Vegeta's partner in combat. Prior to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Nappa was the General of the Saiyan Army under the planet trade organization and aid/partner to the young Prince Vegeta as well. After his race's demise, he along with Vegeta and Raditz work as soldiers directly under Frieza, which leads him to Earth. His name is a pun off of Chinese cabbage.

Nappa was known for being the dumbest saiyan left of the survivors. His careless remarks and blunders made him a fool against Goku (Kakarot). His rank of 'general' among the saiyans made his entire character ironic.
Nappa is just one example of the idiots who make freedom of speech seem like a crime sometimes.


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