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Noike Kamiki Jurai is a fictional character from the anime Tenchi Muyo. Although she may have debuted in the third OVA/OAV season and its spin-off show, Tenchi Muyo GXP, It has been debated that she appeared in Japanese Tenchi Muyo graphic novels published shortly after Seasons 1 and 2. However, since these novels were never translated officially in English, the Western audiences were caught unawares of the character until 2005, when the third OVA were dubbed by Funimation.
The Derpy Noike meme was originally a sketch on Deviantart, uploaded by Kitteascone and coloured shortly after by GregTheLion. The purpose of the meme is dedicated to fans of Tenchi Muyo that did not appreciate this sudden downfall of the show’s quality, but can also be addressed as a means to criticize and comically single out harsh truths and "Fuck-ups" of the translations of Japanese media in whole i.e. Illegal download, poor dubbing or translating etc.


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