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Butthurt Beluga

Butthurt Beluga

Butthurt Beluga is similar to butthurt dweller, but with a wider range of butthurt possibilities aside gaming and girls. Butthurt Beluga can be used to described the actions taken or words said as a result of being butthurt over some occurrence. These words and actions are often either angry outbursts or feeble excuses to save face.

Further reference to help you enjoy Butthurt Beluga and for others to enjoy it too:

Good examples of usage:
- Asks girl out, gets rejected... "lesbian."
- Gets burned and loses flame war... becomes grammar nazi
- gets butthurt... makes entire post about it

Bad examples of usage:
- I didn't choose the nomad/forever alone life... it chose me D:
- I'm a manager... except when someone has a complaint
- Am I an elephant... or a whale

(No offense to those who made the bad examples, these things can take a bit of time for people to understand the intended uses. Don't get butthurt ;P )

Enjoy! From creators, imgurians Mortimerbequiet and Canadianladymoose. <3


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