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Aint no.. get out

Aint no.. get out

Meme originally created on the online forum It started when the user "Grand Kaiser" made a thread titled "The story of how I met Wale" it was the story of how and his rapper friend met the rap star Wale at a show. His friend was warming up for Wale, and after the show they were hanging out with Wale. "Grand Kaiser" and his friend sat next to Wale in hope of starting a conversation with the rap star, but he rudely denied them. As Wale did not join their conversations, they started a conversation about comics.

Wale got mad at them, and repeatedly told them to "shut the f*ck up" about 15 times in a row. Wale made them leave, but "Grand Kaiser" and his friend had heard that they had ordered pizza so they wanted to wait for that. Wale then replied, the now classic comment, "Ain't no pizza.. get out" and they left.


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