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2006scape is a remake of the old RuneScape from 2006. Many people are excited for this server - however, there are many problems with it. For example, there are various "memes" that were sprung around the 2006scape community. A good example of this is "Time will tell ;)" - something that everyone would say when people asked when this server would come out.

2006scape came out for Pre-Alpha on June 23rd. However, there were lots of problems, and players would keep disconnecting. Many people on the forums complained, and the admins on the server tried fixing as quickly as possible. On their twitter, where they would update the community with tweets, they posted this tweet:

"This disconnecting issue is a weird one. Blake went for an ice cream break, but we're still working hard everyone! We'll keep you updated."

Soon, the community sprung and started spamming the forums with posts about this, such as "What flavour was it, Blake?". One user, Lugia, decided to take advantage of this and went to this website, Memegenerator, and created the 2006scape character, and begun making memes for it. Since then, a lot of members of the community made more on this character as well as other famous characters.

You can go to the website at


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