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Warped-Wisdom Sloth

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Warped-Wisdom Sloth

"He who X Y has Z'ed the Q" or any Random Modification [be RANDOM]

Sonny |CR|Warped-Wisdom[ Bad Luck Becca ]Sloth is the world's leading philosophe of Modern Proverbs. He delivers wisdom straight from the mouth of God in a moment's notice and without pay. Though some question the accuracy of his wisdom, his proverbs can be seen, in the right light, to still be realistically true. The main cause for this is merely the fact that most mortal men can not even begin to fathom the great power and subliminal truths behind his words. Truly, Wisdom is in the Eye of the Beholder ~ Warped-Wisdom Sloth once said, "He who fly kite on windless-day has Swissed the Cheese." Truly...truly well said.

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