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Spongebob Face

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Spongebob Face

What are you on, Bob?

Often, memes pop up solely based on the expression of whatever or whomever is in the photo. Such is the case with Spongebob Face.

The expression of favorite childhood cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants is somewhat open to interpretation. He looks a little bit delirious, a little happy, a little high on … something. And so the meme goes, with the text of the various versions of this meme translating the reason for the particular half-lidded, serene expression on the giant yellow sponge person.

Some of the irony from this meme and others related to Spongebob Squarepants is that it is a children’s cartoon, though it has become very popular with teenagers and adults. Often, the cartoon deals with adult themes and contains jokes that the under-8 set won’t get.

This is definitely an example of a meme becoming popular based on the singular expression created by an artist or found in a photograph, They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, and a lot of memes are based solely on this concept. The text around the meme deciphers or translates the facial expression, which is often one that can be easily interpreted or understood.

Notable quotes from versions of this meme include: “What crack? It’s just crushed up Smarties”, and “You like Krabby Patties … don’t you Squidward?”

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