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Propaganda Pig

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Propaganda Pig

Language correction specialist

Propaganda Pig is a political consultant that helps to massage the language around sticky issues. Using market research in the form of focus groups, he crafts clever euphemisms that "clarify' reality. His catch phrases (aka talking points, mnemonics, factoids, etc) serve to "enlighten" the public where they might otherwise over-interpret the topic at hand. As a rule, his alterations elicit an emotional response which overshadows any rationality that would otherwise lead to a logical decision by the electorate.

The meme generally takes one of two forms:
1) a term/phrase which needs to be creatively downplayed
2) an innocuous term/phrase which needs to incite undue fear

Regardless of the issue at hand, Propaganda Pig is here to serve his corporate sponsors to help protect, increase, or extend their profitability through the manipulation of language.

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