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Parker "Obvious" Luciani

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Parker "Obvious" Luciani

"It's a luxury ship. They have things like casinos."

The most redundant and obvious yet EXTREMELY badass characters in Resident Evil since Barry Burton!
Parker "Obvious" Luciani is a meme version of several silly script lines and moments from the Resident Evil: Revelations videogame for the Nintendo 3DS by Capcom. The meme consists of Parker, an Italian with roots in England, stating the obvious repeatedly at several points in the game, making him redundant but at the same time endearing due to his behavior and mannerisms. The curious thing, however, is that, just like Barry Burton before him (from the original Resident Evil and creator of the notorious "Master of Unlocking" meme), Parker has enjoyed critical acclaim with the franchise fanbase, as does the game.

The most typical instance of this meme is Parker asking about something clearly bad (or good, depending on the person), then saying that it's not good, just like he did in the game when the engine room of the Queen Zenobia is flooding.

Meme created by http://destruction-ofstasis.deviantart.com

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