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Newbie Mouse

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Newbie Mouse

Protest Mouse

The Newbie Mouse is a mouse that complains the society excess
The estructure of the images are: Y (a name or a thing), WHY SO MANY X (a thing of Y)
This character was extracted of the Melibellulle's comic about the servers merging of the online game Transformice. In the second scene, there are a little mouse that is crying because there are a lot of Brazilian servers and he can't decide one. In the scene, the mouse cries: AAAAAAH WHY SO MANY SERVERS? (this is the origin of the structure) WHICH ONE SHOULD I CHOOSE?
This is the comic [http://blog.transformice.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/strip-fusion-en.jpg]

Created by the Transformice user Bankish

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