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Lone Wolf Pack

Lone Wolf Pack

Born and raised on the spamming, trolling, and 4chan grounds of the Robert Bateman Secondary DC Blog. Started out with a post of a houston texas bull photoshop, one of the LWP originals decided it would be funny to post that the picture would look better if it had 3 wolves and a moon made into a shirt (3 Wolf Moon). This had epic status and watered the seed of the LWP.
Basically anything that usually happens on the DC Student Blog (Only available to RBSS DC/Tech Students) is posted on here... anything interesting and memegenerator.net related, at least. Makes many references such as "It's over 9000", "Why not Zoidberg", and "I need a MEDIC!" Also anything that people would say "Yes! I agree" to is also posted on here. Enjoy!
Lone Wolf Pack - LWP
Established October 4th, 2010


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