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Infertile Panda

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Infertile Panda

"It seems to be showing that if a giant panda has multiple years of pseudopregnancies, there's a high likelihood she will never succeed."

Always waiting, keeping people guessing, and always trying, the Infertile Panda experiences infertility the way a lot of couples do.

Inspired by giant panda Mei Xiang after National Zoo veterinarians determined that she had failed to become pregnant for the fifth year in a row, even after a Chinese breeding expert tried to help her conceive.

Animal keepers had been closely watching her behavior and monitoring her hormone levels because she had been eating less, staying in her den and cradling objects. (Sound familiar?)

Zoo scientists are concerned Mei Xiang may be infertile and because of that, the zoo may seek to swap Mei Xiang out for another female.

The zoo needs healthy, reproductively viable animals to be able to contribute knowledge about the species. The current pair has never been able to breed naturally.

:Sigh: Hang in there Mei Xiang.

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