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Idiot Football Coach

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Idiot Football Coach

Because strategy and tactics are for winners

Norv Turner, coach of the San Diego Chargers, idiot savant without very much savant. "Norv Turner inherited an elite team five years ago, when the club fired Marty Schottenheimer. The Bolts were elite and top shelf. Now they have become mediocre and a middle-of-the-pack franchise." -- SanDiego.com.

Paired with Idiot Football General Manager A.J. Smith, Turner's lack of preparation and tenuous grasp of gridiron basics have left his team constantly floundering -- funny how firing Schottenheimer after a 14-2 regular season and replacing him with Turner (whose lifetime coaching record at that point was 58-82-1) hasn't panned out, as if the coach's ability (or lack thereof) actually has some effect on the team's onfield success. Oh my!

Norv Turner is the epitome of the Idiot Football Coach. If there is a wrong move to be made, he will make it repeatedly until it becomes habit.

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