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Frustrated Fanfiction.net reader

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Frustrated Fanfiction.net reader

So angry and so righteous it burns...

He loves to be right. He will research, and research, and research long into the night to prove that a single aspect of a 12 year old girls fan fiction is wrong and then feel just about doing it because he saved fanfiction.net from a factually incorrect fan fiction!
He is the editor that nobody asked for, the beta reader nobody recruited, and the 'know-it-all' that everyone hates. He is the bane of every fan fiction, whether he 'ships' the couple or not, his opinion will be, must be known.
He will cast sleights on grammar, fix spelling that would have passed by everyone else as just a mistake and point out 'glaringly obvious' mistakes then back out when corrected by another reader.
Yes, this guy is the busybody that nobody asked for...and he wants to disrupt your reading pleasure.

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