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Angry Trailer-Trash MOM

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Angry Trailer-Trash MOM

She's workin' 9 to 5.

Angry trailer-trash mom enjoys listening to her gal Dolly Parton, whilst scalding at the 'wretched' kids in the neighbourhood. She's disgruntled that her life hasn't turned out all-glam like she wanted and is stuck with her 8 kids: Mackenzie, DJ, Chantelle, Keegan, Kelly-Rose, Dexta, Maxamillian and Shanny. Often she will complain about 'workin 9 to 5' and how it's 'not a way to make a livin'. Her fav outfit is a baby pink velour tracksuit with 'summin blingy ova the top', this is her signature look.

Angry trailer-trash MOM will brighten up anyone's day and is definitely one hot babe. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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