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Andy Harglesis

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Andy Harglesis

"I'm 13 and incrediblycut"

Popular for his notorious YouTube spamming recognition, the first ever male super femi-nazi 13 year old emo boy power lifter, and drug free athlete has his very own meme! If you've never heard of him you've obviously never appreciated the most underrated work of troll art in the history of the interwebz, featuring a troll that has persisted for more than three consecutive years, and has made quite a name for himself, nabbing up nearly 4,000 comments on his YouTube profile page: http://www.youtube.com/AndyHarglesis

Also known as a conspiracy theorist, female anatomy expert, and very gifted "package", he has been in the long running debate against "STEROID" use, and has partnered with the popular anti-steroid movement known as "steroidsR4losers" to gain exposure, and demean steroid use and users alike. A real wise cracker, and very under appreciated for his work, being quite possibly the most cunning, redundant, mischievous, persistent, variating spammer and troll ever witnessed before; due to not getting enough exposure, this character is a sure-fire super meme to be given the right publicity.

Also known to go by few other known identities in social websites, such as "Spoon Licker" on programming site forums.

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