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And we all let it happen

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And we all let it happen

Peter Griffin shares society's apathetic view about things that happen.

From FOX's TV show "The Family Guy," Peter Griffin is up to one of his antics again. In the episode "Foreign Affair" Peter Griffin pulls his kids, Meg and Chris, out of school and decides to take it upon himself to be their teacher. After reviewing some history, Peter notes the gayest music video ever. The video plays, "Dancing in the Street" by David Bowie and Mick Jagger, in its entirety to conclude with Peter's words: That happened and we all let it happen.
This meme is usually used to point out bad and horrible things that happened and society has allowed to happen. Tautology is his style but it can also simply end with "and we all let it happen." From celebrity babies to scandalous politics, there is no topic Peter will not discuss.
This meme's origin is unclear but showed up circa 2012.

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